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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are the questions our customers ask us about.

Motherchef is a Monthly meal Delivery Startup by Deepak Shekhar for Kota Students.

Only home-cooked food made with love by Rajasthani female cooks around the Kota region.

Monthly Meals subscription.

the sole purpose of establishing Motherchef is to serve Kota students who lack nutrition and concentration as they eat unhealthily. Motherchef chefs offer them Ghar ka khana, which is healthy and tasty.

motherchef FAQs

Regular Questions asked by Motherchef customers

Once the order is placed, we send the details to our Motherchef Cook partners who prepare the delicious food in no time. By the time you're ready to ask for a cancel, the food would have been ready. So, We don't provide Instant Order Cancelling.

Expect the delivery time to be very quick as we don't want our hungry lions to go wild.

Order as much as you want, but kindly inform the delivery partner in advance

Yes, We offer UPI, Credit -Debit Card & as well Bank Transfer.

We are already offering healthier meals in the Kota at a discounted price. Anyways, we could give you a bonus meal if you refer your friends. That's a secret! Now, we want you to tell everyone out there.

We provide food trails at your doorstep, you can order directly from our website.

According to our refund policy we don't offer Refund!

Yes, it is junk-free, but you need to pay a small amount for the healthy meal that we offer during trail.

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